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                                                       ******  $50.00 which includes Exam, Consultation,

Report of Findings, and First Adjustment  ($150.00 value)


A thorough chiropractic examination and consultation is followed by

a report of my findings about your spine and nerve system. I will then tell you what

care I determine is necessary, and in what frequency you would need to come

to restore your spinal integrity as well as how much it will cost.


Specific, gentle but effective, hands on, old school, yet state of the art chiropractic

spinal adjustments to correct subluxations of the spine (misalignments that are

stuck and causing pressure to the spinal nerves and/or spinal cord, causing

interference between the brain and all the cells of the body.) and put your

brain back in charge of every function of the body along with the vitality of

each cell in the body needed to function at 100% of its potential!


Education about living a healthier life through regular chiropractic care

and other things that can either enhance one’s health or detract from it.


That is all!!!!


We offer affordable fees for individuals and families to make it possible to

incorporate chiropractic into your lives and the lives of your children on

an ongoing basis.

New Patient Special

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